creative strategist • artivist • eternal optimist • explorer

Don't underestimate the things that I will do . . .


I enjoy making an impact, developing campaigns and making magic happen = Social Media samurai • Brand Development • Marketing • Content Powerhouse • SEO/Website Management


Ask me about The Smile Project • Passionate about engaging my creative tenacity for good = Storyteller • Photographer • PhotoShopCC • LightRoomCC • Graphic Designer • IllustratorCC • InDesignCC • HTML5 • CSS

Eternal Optimist

Jesus above all else • I believe that there is nothing that can’t be done = I’m relentless and dedicated to my passions • Professional Smiler • Public Speaker • Spoken Word • Marathoner • Uplifting others


Ask me about my favorite country • I am a woman of the world • A global citizen and I am a catalyst • A year ago ago resigned from a job I loved to travel and explore • 15 countries and counting • Start with your heart, never wait on change and Smile On!

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All women dream, but not equally . . .
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On the road less traveled
Up in the air
Always smiling