Poem: #AllLivesMatter

When I go to check my box

I do not check black

Yet I hesitate at checking white

Because my skin will never know what it’s like

To be blond-haired and blue-eyed

For I’ve been spit on

Just because of what I look like

So we need a call for humanity

Because we’re using five fingers to hit

When we only need two

Raise our arms up

Instead of embracing

Hold posters

When we should be handshaking

Because today everyone is Freddie Gray

With two sides fighting

When we should be uniting

A man has been murdered at the hands of our police

There is no way around it or over it

Now we must go through it

Serve and protect?

This is more than right and wrong

This is a matter of respect

So who’s dying the most?

Who’s getting hurt the fastest?

Enough with the periods

We need exclamations and explanations

Violence can be silence

It’s time for repentance.

All lives matter.

→ @iamsamkelly

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