Catapulting and Flying

Why a leap into the unknown is exactly what you need!

It’s been exactly 1 month and 1 week since I left the job I loved. I knew in my heart precisely when it was time to move forward. While I am a digital marketer, social media guru and design-forward thinker, I am an artist first and foremost. I strive to be part of an environment that promotes and nurtures collaboration, innovation and creative freedom.


When I put in my resignation I knew what I wanted to do – travel the world. For the last two and a half years my world has been Southwest Florida (SWFL). A beautiful nook that experiences both extreme poverty and enormous wealth on the daily; from Immokalee shed-like housing to the multi-million dollar estates that dot the Gulf coastline. SWFL is a food-lovers paradise, outdoor enthusiast haven, and ideal for the perfect weekend getaway.

But it is not enough and it has never been home to me.

If Miami is the teenage son found lurking corners, Naples (where I lived) is its older brother who just graduated from an Ivy League college.

Immediate solution? A trip north.

I set my sights on the greatest US city, my home of Philadelphia! I consider Philly my home because I am a proud graduate of The School of Art at Temple University. And unlike Naples, who thinks of itself as an art community, Philly actually has one ingrained it’s culture.



So I packed for ten days …in a purse! (“Ten days in a purse” blog post coming soon!)

When the bird catapults itself to fly it doesn’t know if it will land, but he still takes off in pursuit!

Whatever you are waiting for, don’t wait. And yes, everything is going to be okay. So go get it! Make the time! Show the world you!

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