Boliviana en Burano


Cobalt blue, hot pink, and coral green buildings dance around me encompassing me in their brilliance. The sun radiates down on me and the hues of the building soak in me. If you head about an hour north of Venice you will meet the beautiful islands of Burano.


It is a place meant for me, the colors complete me. There are few words to describe this Willy Wonka land that makes leaving mainland Venice easy. That’s right, easy.


Not to be mistaken with Murano, a sister island known for it’s world-renowned glass techniques, Burano is known for its lace making. But I spend little time looking at the lace and more time loving on the seriously coloured buildings.

The artist in me leaps with joy as I finally have found a haven where what I see is how I feel and how I feel is what fills my view. I see colors alive, I see cloudy days as sunny ones and there is a rainbow within me:


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