The Seat Belt Sign is Off: Destination Guatemala


Cold showers, here I come – and I could not be more excited.

Hola, buenos amigos! They say a journey of any size begins with a single step, but I’m here to tell you that journey begins with a single choice in your heart. It’s also possible to journey without changing your location. I know in my heart that for us to change the world, we must start with ourselves.

I have always desired to become fluent in Spanish because of my Boliviana roots. Of course the idea of final Spanish exams during my senior year of high school was not particularly inspiring. The burning passion that I have now has grown with every birthday I celebrate.

It’s one thing to take Spanish classes twice a week while working full time, it’s another to do the immersion. So here I am, ahora aquí estoy. I’m kayaking, running up volcanos, and increasing my flexibility daily. I packed like pro, surpassing Mary Poppins and am learning with excitement of Helen Keller.

Time to get this party started since I’m 27 now!


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