We All Have a Pulse

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Posted by Sam Kelly on Friday, June 17, 2016



I don’t remember Waco.


I barely remember when Oklahoma became

a reprehensible crater from a two-ton bomb.


But I remember what started the debate between whether or not believing in God

could cause a gun to fire in the hands of Columbine.


I remember when they took the UN out university

and added it to the Airline attacks for UNABOMBer.


I remember where I was the day our emergency number turned the blackest black

And I wrote a 2,000 word essay on the 2,977 lives that remain now only in our emotions.


I remember when Virginia Tech sent a fleet of angels sky bound

and they became the most talked about school.


I remember broken wings of butterflies

That use to call Sandy Hook home.


I remember when our runner’s world got just a bit smaller

but that Boston was always strong.


And now I remember when a man traded his sense of pulse

for another purpose.


I wasn’t there and I feel just a fraction

I’ve never been shot at but this is my reaction.


When even our politicians ask, “When are we going to do something about gun reform?”

And they say “the US does not negotiate with terrorist, nor conform,”


Well I say these uncontrolled guns have terrorised us enough

that it’s those guns that should be placed in handcuffs


Now is the time for us to let our blood drip for one another

that when I die my heart will go to some other.


Everyone deserves love

whether or not they are on our side.


From our pulse

we must always let love be our guide.


We’re called home when the time is ready

even if we feel it’s not time to go.


Because from even ashes

can flowers and love grow.




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