I’m a Sunrise in The Darkness

I’m a Sunrise in The Darkness


Rolling rivers flowing within me

Lips that still taste of yours

Linger near me, linger closely

I speak in you with my heart daily

Can you hear me?


I know I’m hidden

You have me somewhere only you know

But I’m not at the same place that we met

Nor are you

We just went away

It’s a long road home


You’re sleeping now

Your tide has drawn in, clinging

To each drop of blood

That God has made for me

You breathe in and out

Like the waves

That could take me anywhere


It hurts to see it

I don’t want to

But I need to

Know I have kept the faith


I saw your soul

And I still see it

And I still feel you

And I’m cheering your name

No matter how long the past has been

Because it all started with your soul

And the smile it gave mine.


I hope you stay up late with me

In my conversations with myself

I ask you questions and I listen

I listen to the silence of your vacancy

The void is dark and relishing

The memories bring it light

And you are close once more


I see you

You look out from my eyes

I exist in your soul


I’m a Sunrise in the darkness

And even though it’s cloudy

My light still shines


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