Mastering Hostel Life: 10 life-changing tactics

Hostel life welcomes everyone, the spring breaker, the one staycationing, the very obvious-foreigner and everyone in between. It’s a window into the world: the older man groaning as he butters his toast, the Asian tourists giggling over cat videos, the backpackers who have probably already trekked the world – twice and the sitting-on-the-suitcase-to-close-it tourist. I[…]

Onward I March

Reflections from the road in midst of the assault at Brussels. Thick, dark red, gooey ketchup drips from my hands during lunch, looking down at first glance you would think it could be blood and I think about those in Brussels, only 4 hours away. I’m outside the Louvre, in the Carrousel du Louvre, having[…]

Boliviana en Burano

Cobalt blue, hot pink, and coral green buildings dance around me encompassing me in their brilliance. The sun radiates down on me and the hues of the building soak in me. If you head about an hour north of Venice you will meet the beautiful islands of Burano. It is a place meant for me,[…]