Hi! Selection of highlights from my time with Americares leading social. Americares is a disaster-relief rapid-response global health organization and the seventh largest nonprofit in the U.S. Please continue past five highlights to access a first-perspective video share, more highlights and prior contributions.

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First-Perspective Video Share: A Look At Wear A Mask

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Prior Offerings

November 2021: Hackathon for Inclusion – Most Socially Conscious Award

Lead Presenter and Access Contributor

Our two-person team offered sustainable solutions to existing tech to ensure more access and accessibility before a product launch; presentation included policy, funding source and redesigning Airbnb with three modes “More Help” (below on far right), “Visual Focus” and “Direct Access”.

December 2020: Digital Marketing Hackathon – 2nd Place

Lead Presenter and Designer

Our team created an inclusive campaign for the nonprofit Road to Artdom, I was lead presenter and we were told by the judges we had the most engaging presentation. One of the judges was Together Digital’s Chief Executive Officer Amy Vaughan.

January 2020: #AmtrakAccessNow

When I read National Public Radio’s Amtrak Asks 2 People Who Use Wheelchairs To Pay $25,000 For A Ride, I was livid. And one thing you should never do is piss off a social media manager. So I started #AmtrakAccessNow, which ultimately contributed testimony for The Department of Justice case for Amtrak’s violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act—resulting in Amtrak paying over $2 million to more than 1,500 individuals who experienced disability discrimination and a commitment by Amtrak to expand accessibility infrastructure in the next 10 years.

In the next nine years, Amtrak is required to complete designs to make at least 135 of its existing stations accessible, complete construction at 90 of those stations, and begin construction at 45 more.

via Department of Justice January 12, 2022 Press Release

May 2019: Reeves App – The City University of New York’s TechWorks User Experience Design Certification

Guaranteed handicap accessible parking with my app, Reeves, developed on Adobe XD and user-tested with disabled folx and folx with disabilities; shared with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation digital team in February 2020.

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