Sam is a storydoer creating engaging, accessible and socially impactful experiences on social media and beyond.


I listen and infuse empathy and understanding through extensive social listening and research to identify challenges and offer solutions for community needs and motivations.

Horizontal outdoor photo of two kids smiling with teeth, both have black skin and are in front of a food pantry tent with food set up.
Horizontal image of a brown child looking directly at camera with slight closed-lip smile.


I am an accessibility doer with a focus on human-service over human-centered design, empathizing and defending communities to understand pain points, foster psychological safety and brainstorm innovative solutions.


I am in pursuit of justice and joy through the intersections of social media and accessibility—my vision is an equitable and accessible world that is fueled by disability justice for humans and nature.

Horizontal close up of Sam with two Bolivian kids slightly out of frame, all have brown skin and dark features.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is May 18!

What will you do?